Inca Trail availability
Inca Trail availability

2017 Availability 


Whether you want to do the 7-day Salkantay Inca Trail, or the 5-day (Inca Trail 5 days), 4-day or 2-day Inca Trail, you will need a permit from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. When checking for availability please remember that access to the trail is limited by the Ministry of Culture. This means that all travel agencies have the same availability.


Here are the currently available spots for the 5-day and 4-day Inca Trail, in real time:


Inca Trail Availability calendar



If you see available spaces for the date you want to start the hike, this does not mean you will find the same number of spaces available if you delay when making your booking. This is because permits sell out quickly. If you see places available now for your planned departure date, we recommend that you book immediately. There are 500 spaces available each day for the Inca Trail (7-day, 5-day and 4-day itineraries). However, those 500 spaces include those reserved for guides, porters and cooks, who must also register with the authorities to hike the Inca Trail. This means that only around 200 permits are allocated for travelers, with the other 300 allocated to personnel.


Also, if a traveler decides to cancel their Inca Trail trek, it is not possible for another traveler to automatically replace that person. The Peruvian Ministry of Culture does not allow travel agencies to operate in this way. 


The Inca Trail availability you see here is for the Salkantay Inca Trail and the 4-day and 5-day Inca Trail. The Peruvian authorities also add an additional 250 spaces each day for the 2-day Inca Trail, which official tour operators like Andean Adventures Peru are authorized to operate. The 2-day Inca Trail allows travelers to walk a shorter section of the old Inca highway known today as the Inca Trail. Check below for availability:


Booking the Inca Trail


To book with us, you will need to send the following information by email, for all participants:

  • Full name (as it appears in your passport).
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality

Once we have received this information, we will get back to you with instructions for payment of a 50% deposit against the total cost of your trek. Your booking will be fully confirmed once you have made this payment.


We mainly organize private treks but since 2015 we have also made available the option of forming a small group with a minimum of two participants. This means you have the option to book a private service or join a group of other travelers from all over the world.



Book now for 2017


Please note that places for the Inca Trail have been made available by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture since December 19th. Places for certain dates, particularly for the month of May, have been selling out quickly. This means that if you’re hoping to book for this year, you should contact us as soon as possible.


Join our groups!!!

  • March 9th: Inca Trail 4 Days (02 travelers). See available spots above
  • April 15th: Inca Trail 5 Days (02 travelers). 0 available spots
  • May 6th: Inca Trail 4 Days (04 travelers). 0 available spots
  • May 11th: Inca Trail 5 Days (03 travelers). 0 available spots
  • June 9th: Inca Trail 4 Days (02 travelers). 0 available spots
  • June 9th: Inca Trail 2 Days (04 travelers): See available spots above
  • July 2nd: Salkantay Inca Trail 7 Days (09 travelers). See available spots above
  • July 2nd: Inca Trail 4 days (02 travelers). See available spots above
  • July 27th: Inca Trail 4 Days (02 travelers). See available spots above
  • August 20th: Inca Trail 4 Days (05 travelers). See available spots above
  • September 1st: Inca Trail 5 Days (02 travelers). See available spots above

If there are no places on the Inca Trail for your selected dates, and you are unable to change to another date, please remember that another great option is to hike an alternative route, such as the Lares Trek or Salkantay Trek.


Join our groups!!!

  • May 2nd: Lares Trek 4 days (02 travelers)
  • May 8th: Lares Trek 4 days (02 travelers)
  • July 1st: Lares Trek 4 Days (02 travelers)

Below we have published our license (Peruvian government authorization) to operate the Inca Trail (We have been a tour operator since 1985):


Inca Trail authorization



In addition, here is our announcement letter for getting our first Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor:


Inca Trail authorization



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