Ica is an old but busy city with around 170,000 inhabitants, ICA sits in a fecund valley, close to enormous sand dunes some 400m above sea level and around 50km from the ocean. The surrounding region is famous throughout Peru for its wine and pisco production. The city’s foundation (1563) went hand in hand with the introduction of grapevines to South America, and it is therefore that Ica is famous for producing the best wine in Peru.  Many tourists who go this way however bed down in the desert oasis of Huacachina or in the town of Nazca, located 1.5 hours from Ica, and miss the beauty of Ica.

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Offered Tours in Ica

Aerial view of the Ica desert

Lima, Paracas & Nasca Lines

In this three day program you will see the highlights of Lima, the Ballestas Islands at Paracas and the famous Nasca lines.

3D / 2N