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Health Protocols

While we have relaxed earlier restrictions, we continue to maintain the very highest health and hygiene standards, to ensure that our clients feel safe when traveling with us.

The purpose of these recommendations is to inform Andean Adventures Peru travelers regarding the changes to the Covid-19 preventive health measures implemented by our company in accordance with the guidelines of the Peruvian government and international organizations, for the prevention of infection among travelers, employees or other persons, during their time in Peru.

  • While use of facemasks is no longer required, it is recommended in enclosed, crowded spaces. We recommend that clients travel with a supply of facemasks for their own protection in situations where they feel they may be exposed to Covid-19. Those travelers who display Covid-19 symptoms are requested to use facemasks. Clients testing positive for Covid-19 are requested to self-isolate from other travelers outside their social bubble.
  • Our vehicles are duly authorized by local authorities for the transporting of tourists, and all Covid-19 prevention regulations have been implemented in our vehicles and transfer procedures. Use of facemasks is optional but recommended.
  • Our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each service, including seats, handrails, door handles, and windows.

The Andean Adventures Peru team.

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