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Dear travelers, colleagues and partners:

At Andean Adventures Peru, the health and wellbeing of our travelers and team are our Nº1 priority. In response to the global health crisis, we have reviewed and improved our operating procedures. We have adopted new biosecurity protocols, guided by World Health Organization (WHO) and World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) recommendations. We are therefore proud to be able to feature the #SafeTravels tour operator stamp on our website. as well as the Peruvian government guidelines establishing the measures that we must all observe, as part of our country’s “new normal”.

Preventive health measures

The Peruvian government has developed new public health measures for airports, train stations and bus stations, and has implemented health and safety measures in museums, archaeological sites and all tourist attractions. The government has also regulated and provided for additional cleaning regimes in hotels and all other accommodation.

Our commitment
All government rules and regulations are being followed faithfully by our company, including all operations, transport, hotel, hostel, lodge and restaurant protocols, as detailed in the documents published on our website. And throughout Peru, all our partner companies are following the new legal protocols, and in addition they have implemented their own strict measures to guarantee the health and wellbeing of travelers and guests.

The Andean Adventures Peru team

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