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Our team; official tour guides, drivers and support staff

  • For their own protection our staff is equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which they use and keep in good operating condition.
  • They have access to strict temperature control and are subject to all necessary health controls. They are trained in new hygiene and health protocols. They disinfect their footwear before boarding our vehicles, and as often as necessary during each day’s activities.
  • They follow all health and hygiene procedures and the recommended frequency for handwashing with soap and water, and for hand sanitizing.
  • All staff must report any indication of symptoms COVID-19

Andean Adventures Peru vehicles

We have our own tourist transport vehicles, in which we ensure safety and cleanliness. All our vehicles are correctly disinfected, before, during and after the tours and trips we offer. Wherever necessary, our company hires similar vehicles that meet all our health protocol requirements.

  • The capacities of our buses have been modified to respect social distancing, in accordance with the recommendations of the Peruvian authorities.
  • Cleaning, all our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before and after each use.
  • Each vehicle is thoroughly ventilated before and after the tour.
  • Air conditioning and heating systems receive preventive maintenance in accordance with the latest health standards. Air conditioning filters are replaced regularly.
  • Our buses are equipped with a modern first aid kit, oxygen bottle and extinguisher, in addition to full repair kits for the driver’s use.
  • When boarding one of our buses, passengers will find:
    • A dispenser with 70% alcohol, in liquid or gel, for hand sanitizing. passengers will find:
    • Disinfectant mats will be used for footwear each time passengers board one of our vehicles. All travelers must disinfect their footwear by standing on the footbath and verifying that the entire sole of their footwear comes into contact with the solution.
  • Drivers and tour guides are required to measure and record their own temperature after every service provided. Our management team keeps a record of the results for each member of our team.
  • At the beginning of each tour, our tour guide takes the temperature of each traveler using a clinical infrared thermometer. If any person presents a temperature higher than 38°C., by requirement of the Peruvian health authorities, they will be accompanied to a nearby healthcare center for a COVID-19 test.
    • In the event of a positive test, by requirement of the Peruvian health authorities, the affected individual will not be able to continue with the tour, and we will help him/her to fulfill the required quarantine period.
  • Drivers, at all times during services
    • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); protective mask and clothing in accordance with current health standards;
    • Drivers will open the door of the vehicle for guests and maintain social distancing while passengers board our vehicles. Only the driver will open and close doors.
  • Luggage loaded on our vehicles will only be handled by our staff and by hotel staff (when necessary) who comply with health protocols.
  • Canvas duffle bag. When necessary our travelers receive for use during their stay a canvas duffle bag, correctly disinfected and sealed in a plastic bag, for the packing of their belongings. This canvas duffle bag becomes the responsibility of each traveler until it is returned at the end of the tour.
  • Luggage handling. Our bus drivers use disposable gloves when handling luggage, and when maintaining and disinfecting our vehicles.
  • Greetings/ welcomes. No representatives of Andean Adventures Peru, including drivers and guides, are permitted to greet guests by shaking hands.

Travelers / guests

  • Guests are advised to acquire adequate travel insurance before traveling.
  • All guests are requested to respect social distancing rules and keep at least 1.5 meters / 5 feet apart during all tours and activities.
  • Guests are asked to provide and to wear face masks during all tours and activities.
  • Travelers must agree to temperature readings using a clinical infrared thermometer. If an individual presents a temperature higher than 38°C., by request of the Peruvian health authorities, they will be accompanied to a nearby health center for a COVID-19 test.
  • Any guest presenting any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 will be required to self-isolate in their hotel and to agree to take a COVID-19 test at a private health facility recommended by Andean Adventures Peru.
  • All travelers must comply with the recommended procedures and frequency for hand washing and/or hand sanitizing, before, during and after all activities, and whenever required.

Restaurants and hotels

  • Andean Adventures Peru will only recommend restaurants and hotels where adequate health protocols have been implemented.
  • We will work closely with restaurants to arrange and reconfirm special seating arrangements designed to respect new hygiene and social distancing measures.
  • Buffet-style breakfasts and other meals will be avoided, and only table service will be offered to our guests.

Companies providing additional services

Domestic airlines, trains and buses to Machu Picchu and Puno, boats on Lake Titicaca and ports for the Palomino Islands (Callao), Ballestas Islands (Paracas), and all air, rail, lake and maritime terminals:

  • All the companies we work with respect and comply with all the health protocols issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), and the Peruvian government.

Our partner companies

  • Travel agents working with Andean Adventures Peru must inform all travelers and guests of our current health guidelines and explain that they are designed for their own health and wellbeing.
  • To protect other travelers and our staff, travel agents must explain that guests will be required to self-isolate if they present coronavirus symptoms or when awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.
  • Travelers and guests must be advised not to hire porters at airports or other transport hubs (such as bus stations) to carry their luggage. Each individual should carry their own luggage.
  • Guests must be provided with their flight information, tickets, itineraries and all other information before departure, so that we can reduce physical contact between staff and guests.
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