Christmas in Cusco with Andean Adventures Peru

Every year, as a company we look for ways to contribute to our local Cusco community.

In the city of Cusco, each year on Christmas Eve the Santuranticuy fair is held on the historic main square. In 2009, Peru’s Ministry of Culture declared this annual event part of the nation’s cultural heritage.

Traditional Cusco crafts are sold on the market’s many stalls, including the famous doll-like images of the infant Jesus known locally as “Manuelitos”. Many of the items sold during the Santuranticuy fair are bought by local people to decorate their homes and Christmas trees, or to adorn the nativity scenes still assembled by most Cusco families in the days leading up to the festivities.

Families from some of Cusco’s most remote and often most impoverished communities also arrive in Cusco for Santuranticuy. For many, it will be their only visit of the year to the old Inca capital.

Often, families with nothing else to sell at the fair will offer small Christmas trees for sale, or even moss that local visitors to the main square buy for the nativity scenes that decorate their homes.

At Andean Adventures Peru, each year our staff and management contribute their time and effort to bringing some seasonal cheer to children for whom Christmas is not always a joyful experience.

This year, we will be providing Christmas breakfasts for local children, as well as distributing toys, in the highland community of Qelcanca, a village in the mountains high above the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where local people have been our friends for many years.

We will also be visiting the Sacred Valley village of Taray to offer our contribution to the festivities, as well as the small community of Challabamba, in Paucartambo.


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