Tourists walking the Inca Trail.

Qhapaq Ñan, The Andean Road System

Qhapaq Ñan is an extensive Inca communication, trade and defence network of roads and associated structures covering more than 30,000 km. Constructed by the Incas over several centuries and partly based on pre-Inca infrastructure, this extraordinary network through one of the

Vinicunca Tours - The Rainbow Mountain / Andean Adventures Peru

Cusco’s Rainbow Mountain’s

Cusco harbors, besides the beautiful Andean countryside with its archaeological treatures, many natural attractions. Two quite recently added attractions are the two Rainbow Mountain’s located in the province of Cusco. While the better known Vinicunca “Rainbow Mountain” is visited daily

Sea lions lying on the rocks

Swim with sea lions off Peru’s Pacific coast!

The meeting of the cold Humboldt ocean current with the warm El Niño current off its desert coast, makes Peru’s seas among the most fertile in the world. From the plankton at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean food chain

View of the Red Valley

Off the beaten path

Experience authentic Peru away from the crowds Peru is an ideal destination for those who love nature, adventure and authenticity. However, the development of the tourism industry in the country has unfortunately led to massification. Popular sites have become slightly

Choquequirao ruins from above

Choquequirao: the “other” Machu Picchu

The city of Choquequirao are located at 2,987 meters (9,800 feet) above sea level in a remote corner of the Peruvian Andes. A visit to these ancient of ruins means that you are in for a real adventure. Unlike its neighbor Machu Picchu,

Macaw clay lick Tambopata

Peru continues to grow in popularity among the world’s travelers

Cusco, 2018: An estimated 3.7 million international travelers visited Peru during 2016, up around 8% on the previous year’s figures, and visitor numbers are continuing to grow. But if you think that means crowded tourist attractions and a country overrun

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Lake Titicaca Sacred waters and living culture

Creating understanding through direct experience.  Cusco, 2018: The sacred waters of Lake Titicaca, its seemingly endless high altitude shoreline and scattering of small, inhabited islands offer visitors from all over the world a unique opportunity to enjoy high Andean scenery and