Elderly Sacred Valley residents take a break from their daily lives

At Andean Adventures Peru, social responsibility means taking our place within our own community.

Cusco, 2018: As a locally-owned and Cusco-based travel company which has operated in Peru since the 1980s, at Andean Adventures Peru we understand our place in the community and take seriously our commitment to giving something back to the society we are part of.

For several years, as part of our social responsibility activities, with the full support of the municipal council of Taray, we have organized and operated annual excursions for the elderly people of that quiet village situated in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Each year we select a different destination or attraction in the Cusco region, and we provide transport and all the logistical support required to take groups of elderly Sacred Valley residents to somewhere that is new to people who during their working lives may not have had the time or resources needed for tourism within their own region.

This year, we took our group of Taray residents into the area south of the city of Cusco, to the Inca temple complex at Raqchi, the picturesque Andean village of Tinta (once home to the great Peruvian revolutionary figure Tupac Amaru II, as well as to the female Peruvian author Clorinda Matto de Turner), and we also visited the village of Checacupe.

The community of Checacupe is home to three remarkable bridges. The first of these is an Inca rope suspension bridge, while the second dates from the colonial era and was built by the Spanish using local stone. The third bridge was constructed using iron in the 19th century and still forms an essential component of transport links in the province of Canchis.

In Checacupe, our group was welcomed at the local senior citizens’ home with music and dancing performed by the elderly residents themselves. It was a chance to enjoy local hospitality and for these two groups of distinguished Cusco region residents to make new friends and discover just how much they had in common.

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