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Procession of dancers

Paucartambo Fiesta

For 362 days of the year Paucartambo, some 109 kilometers (less than three hours) by road from Cusco, is a small, quiet Andean town where nothing really happens. Then for three days each year, from July 15th, the town fills with thousands of pilgrims and visitors as it plays host to one of the region’s most colorful and fascinating fiestas.

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Cusco – Peru
People participating in the Qoylluriti pilgrimage

Qoylluriti Pilgrimage

This pre-Hispanic and Catholic shrine is located southeast of Cusco at an altitude of 4878 meters (16,000 feet) beneath a glacier on Mount Sinajara. Although there are several fiestas of a religious nature in Cusco during the same period, there is no more important place in the Andes than Q’oyllor Riti.

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Herd of Llamas during the Lares trek to Machu Picchu

A journey with the last Inca’s

This walk is a unique experience. We will visit isolated villages where life has changed very little since Inca times, experiencing the lives of communities dedicated to growing their crops and herding llamas and alpacas, which are used as pack animals and food respectively.

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Sapa Inca during Inti Raymi
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Cusco – Peru