Family vacations in Peru: so much to see and do!

Family vacations in Peru: so much to see and do!

While Peru may not seem like the obvious choice for a family vacation when viewed from afar, it is actually the perfect place to travel as a family, and a varied and fascinating destination guaranteed to leave both adults and children with memories they will treasure forever.

Throughout Peru, and the Cusco region in particular, there is so much for families to enjoy together, while major improvements in Peru’s tourism infrastructure in recent decades mean that every facility a traveling family could hope for can be found throughout the country.

Peru is home to some of the most incredible and diverse wildlife destinations anywhere on Earth. At the same time, the rich history of Peru means that the country is filled with remarkable archaeological sites wherever one travels. This rich cultural legacy is also expressed in Peru’s world-class museums, which showcase not just the legacy of the Incas, but also that of the many pre-Inca cultures whose development can be traced back to the dawn of history.

And, of course, Peru’s culture is expressed today by its diverse people, who as well as embracing the modern world have managed to retain many of the traditions of their forebears, throughout the country’s coastal desert, Andean highlands, and its tropical and subtropical forest regions.

All this means Peru can offer an endless selection of activities for the whole family, including the youngest members. All you need to remember is you’ll be traveling at altitude when exploring the Cusco region. To avoid sleepless nights and tiredness during the daytime, make sure all family members are kept well hydrated, to prevent the symptoms of altitude sickness.

Whether you enjoy exploring archaeological sites, practicing adventure sports like mountain biking, horse riding, river rafting or paragliding, or venturing into the Amazon basin to experience the natural world, the Cusco region has everything a travel-loving family could wish for.

In Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas offers the perfect natural setting for hikes, mountain biking, and horseback riding. And, of course, at Machu Picchu you can bring Peru’s history alive by letting your children explore the stone-walled passageways of this imposing Inca city, while your guide explains how Machu Picchu was built and how it was used by its original inhabitants.

And in the rest of Peru, there’s no shortage of things to do and places to see: on Peru’s coast you can swim with sea lions, go whale watching, learn how ancient pottery was made, surf some of the world’s best waves, and even enjoy some of the greatest food you’ll ever eat.

Whale watching Organos beach - Piura

Peru is an endlessly fascinating travel destination, with something for all the family.

To learn about how you can enjoy Peru with your family, contact Andean Adventures Peru directly.


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