Off the beaten path

Off the beaten path

Experience authentic Peru away from the crowds

Peru is an ideal destination for those who love nature, adventure and authenticity. However, the development of the tourism industry in the country has unfortunately led to massification. Popular sites have become slightly less appealing to those who love to stay away from the crowds.

But there is no reason to worry. Peru is vast and rich, and there are still so many places to visit that has not been “discovered” yet. Join us and explore some of these hidden gems:

Discover the ruins of Choquequirao, the Machu Picchu no one knows about

Only a few people know that there are other ruins with a very similar structure to the celebrated Inca citadel. Accessed by only a few visitors per day, Choquequirao is the magic of Machu Picchu without the crowd. One of the reasons why this archeological site remains off the beaten path is that you need to hike 3 days to get there and back. It might be tough, but how would you feel about exploring an ancient archeological site all by yourself?

Homestay at a traditional hacienda in Paucartambo

Mainly known for its folkloric celebrations honoring the Virgen del Carmen, the village of Paucartambo is an underrated source of traditions, history, and natural beauty. With Andean Adventures, you can stay at one of the old haciendas and experience local culture through workshops and visits to the Q’eros, one of the most remote Quechua-speaking communities.

Connect with the Apus on the Ausangate high-altitude trek

The 3 to 5 day trek on the Ausangate mountain is a fantastic experience to push your personal limits a little bit further. With mountain passes over 5.000 m. above sea level, it is by no means a massified trek. You might find yourself camping alone under the majestic shadow of the glacier, feeling the presence of the apus, the spirits of the mountain.

Enjoy the Rainbow Mountain without the crowds in Palccoyo

The beautiful and fascinating sight of the Rainbow Mountain has rapidly captured the public’s imagination, attracting crowds from all over the world. However, Vinicunca is not the only mountaintop where you can admire the popular striped slopes. Palccoyo, also on the Vilcanota Mountain Range, is the alternative you still haven’t heard of.

Palccoyo - Rainbow Mountain / Andean Adventures Peru

Go birdwatching in Tambopata National Reserve

In the proximity of Puerto Maldonado and the Madre de Dios river, the Tambopata National Reserve is your best chance to experience the wildlife of the Peruvian Amazon and its incredible biodiversity. One of the highlights of the tour is admiring the colorful macaws while feeding on
the Collpa Chuncho. Simply spectacular!

Join the high-altitude pilgrimage to Señor de Qoyllority

It means “Lord of the Star (Brilliant) Snow” and it is one of the most heartfelt pilgrimages in the Cusco region. It combines a stunning 3-hour night hike under a cold starry sky with an authentic experience of the Andean syncretism between the colonial, Catholic culture and the native traditions.

Discover the Andean traditional lifestyle on the Weavers Trek

In isolated rural communities, the lifestyle has remained almost unchanged. By joining Andean Adventures on the Weavers Trek, you will go beyond the typical touristic attractions of the Sacred Valley and meet “the last Incas”. Learn about the excellent weaving skills and the farming techniques they have inherited from their ancestors.

For more information about how you can visit one of the world’s most fascinating travel destinations, contact Andean Adventures Peru directly.


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