School in the Community of Maras receives a happy contribution

School in the Community of Maras receives a happy contribution

Threw out the year a group of students from a school in the United States join their allowance to donate it to the fundraiser for social work in differents parts of the world.

These last years they donated 2 greenhouses in the community of Maras which is a small town located at the west of Cusco.
This year they had planned out to work with the children from the school I.E.I. 1308 Ccochacasa, the group was ready to take action by painting the walls in the classes but unfortunately because of the weather in New York they couldn’t make to Peru. However, the donations from the fundraiser were given to the school and the student’s parents, who got the job done.

Thanks to the donation they were able to paint the classes from pre-k, kindergarten and elementary school, it also covered some maintenance for the desks where the students work and do homework.

The job was done by a small get together to which they took different types of food and snacks made in the community like corn, potato, and cheese (a very known snack in Cusco). Finally, they ended the day by playing soccer.
The community is very happy and grateful for the support that they have received. they hope to see them in Peru very soon.

These are some of the pictures taken that the community worked on, this activity was promoted by Mr. Kenneth Sinapius and supported by Amazonia expeditions from Paul Beaver, a businessman with an enormous human sensibility who also supports native communities in the jungle of Iquitos in Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve.

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