“Spring” in the Andes

When planning a trip to South America, few travelers in the northern hemisphere realize that when spring comes to North America and Europe in April and May, what should be autumn in the southern hemisphere actually brings delightful spring-like conditions to Cusco and the rest of the Peruvian Andes.

Cusco, May 11th 2018: Seasons are reversed in the Andes, with spring-like conditions prevalent during the southern hemisphere autumn, while winter in Peru (June to August) is in fact defined by almost zero precipitation and warm, sunny, cloudless days in the high Andes. This is what makes Peru, and particularly Cusco, the ideal spring break and summer vacation destination for travelers from North America and Europe.

Of course, Peru can be visited all year round, but those who know Cusco understand that April and May are among the best months to visit the former capital of the empire of the Incas. The rainy season in the Andes tends to run from November to March, although during much of that time rainfall is moderate, with the heaviest precipitation arriving in January and February.

In the Cusco region, by April the rains have come to an end. Skies are blue and scattered with white cumulus clouds, while the mountains, hills and valleys of the region remain a rich green, following months of nourishment from seasonal rainfall.

At the beginning of April each year the world-famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu has been open for just one month. Every year in February the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary, through which the 36-kilometer long Inca Trail passes, is closed for maintenance. This work includes the annual “Network of Inca Trails Clean-Up Campaign”, with the Peruvian national parks service working together with local municipalities, travel companies like Andean Adventures Peru, and transport companies, to maintain the 32,596 hectares of Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary and ensure the continued protection of the area’s unique range of ecosystems and the many species of flora and fauna they are home to, as well as Machu Picchu’s archaeological treasures.

And travelers should also remember that Cusco is the gateway to some of the finest rainforest habitat in the world, and just like in the Andes, April to August are among the best months of the year to visit this great natural wonder and observe typical Amazon wildlife! 

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