Students volunteer in an andean community

On the 24th of March, early in the morning students from the US high school, guided by their professor Kenneth Sinapius and accompanied by staff from Andean Adventures Peru, left to the community of Qhelqanqa. Qhelqanqa is a remote community,

Puno - Uros / Andean Adventures Peru

Lake Titicaca Sacred waters and living culture

Creating understanding through direct experience.  Cusco, 2018: The sacred waters of Lake Titicaca, its seemingly endless high altitude shoreline and scattering of small, inhabited islands offer visitors from all over the world a unique opportunity to enjoy high Andean scenery and

Cusco Corpus Christi - San Sebastian / Andean Adventures Peru

Corpus Christi processions in Cusco

Peru’s archaeological capital is the setting for one of the country’s most magnificent religious festivities Cusco, May 15th 2018: The lavish celebrations held in Cusco to mark Corpus Christi, a moveable feast day held each year nine weeks after Holy