Top destinations in Peru to discover with kids!

Top destinations in Peru to discover with kids!

Rated as one of the safest countries in Latin America, Peru is an ideal destination for your family vacations. The exotic wildlife, together with some of the world’s most popular attractions, will capture the imagination of your kids. Get ready then, and have a great time with the whole family, making memories that last for a lifetime!

These are some of the most family-friendly traveling options for you and your children to enjoy Machu Picchu and other great places to visit in Peru.


Culture and tradition are still alive in this ancient capital of the Inca Empire. From the picturesque cobblestone streets of the city center, to the beautiful ruins of Saqsayhuaman, there is plenty to do, learn and see in Cusco.

Challenge your your kids to read Quechua streetnames and take a family picture with a furry alpaca: this is your kids first contact with the ancient andean culture

Sacred Valley

Located in the immediate surroundings of Cusco, the Sacred Valley is a gem of the Peruvian Andes accessible to the whole family. Full of impressive archeological sites, it’s definitely one of Peru’s “must-see”! Tours to the valley include ruins, as much as strolls through craft markets, picturesque villages and traditional textiles centers.

Besides its cultural relevance, visiting the Sacred Valley is a great chance to discover one of the most beautiful and fertile valleys of the region. Farm animals, fields and amazing views will accompany you along the visit!

Peruvian Amazon

Your kids will love spotting exotic animals and camping in the forest. With an incredible biodiversity, the Peruvian Amazon is indeed the ultimate destination for young explorers who want to experience wildlife.

Caimans, butterflies and monkeys will capture the imagination of your children, who will have fun while learning an important lesson about biodiversity and conservation.

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

Not far from the other Rainbow Mountain, Vinicunca, Palccoyo offers equally beautiful sceneries, with less physical effort. These striped slopes are one of the most peculiar sights you will ever witness. They might as well have come out of a children fairytale!

At Palccoyo, the path to get to the top is less steep and shorter than Vinicunca, making it easier for your children to climb up. As a plus, this site is famous among those who look for alternative travel destinations. Palccoyo is indeed less crowded than the Rainbow Mountain of Pitumarca, a perfect place to enjoy the real Andean wilderness and take great photos for your family album.

4-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Sure you don’t want to leave Peru without visiting Machu Picchu, the famous Inca citadel. The beauty of these ruins never disappoints the visitor’s expectations. While the quickest and most comfortable way to get there is by train, the 4 Day Inca Trail offers an exciting and accessible alternative.

Take your family back in time, following the steps of the Incas and discovering the remains of a lost civilization. Kids never learn history better than when they live it! Moreover, your family will have the opportunity of camping on the Andes, living a great bonding experience that will hardly be forgotten.

To learn about how you can enjoy Peru with your family, contact Andean Adventures Peru directly.


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