Living Culture

The living culture tours comprise activities in which you interact with local people, or families, who still maintain ancestral customs in their daily lives.

The tours offered in this category include: the Lares weavers trek, Paucartambo festival, Paucartambo experiential tourism, Qoylloriti, Inti Rami, a visit to the Uros floating islands and many more.

The activities included in these tours will allow you to experience the little changed life’s of Peru’s rural communities, making it perfect for avid photographers. Due to our years of experience operating tours throughout Peru we know the best places to experience authentic festivals and events!

Offered Tours in Living Culture travel style

Procession of dancers
3D / 2N
Cusco – Peru
People participating in the Qoylluriti pilgrimage
3D / 2N
Sapa Inca during Inti Raymi
Full Day
Cusco – Peru