An evening with a professional chef

If your first thought when someone mentions Peru is the Inca Empire and Machu Picchu, it’s time to discover more – the country boasts a diversity in landscape unlike any other country. From the snow-capped Andes to the to the Amazonian tropical forest, some 30 kinds of microclimates can be found here. That gives birth to an array of food options, which nurtured the civilizations of the region over millennia.

Traditional Peruvian cuisine can be divided geographically into three branches: seaside, mountain and rainforest. The depth of the food has also been attracting global attention in recent years, with many local restaurants receiving international exposure.

Peru’s most famous ‘national dish’ being ceviche: raw fish marinated in citrus juice, and usually spiced with red onion and Aji pepper. Besides ceviche Peru also boasts itself on being the country with the most varieties of potatoes found anywhere in the world.

Other famous dishes eaten in Peru are: cuy (Guinea pig), Causa (mashed potato, ayi pepper and lemon juice), Lomo Saltado (stir-fried beef), Aji de gallina (chicken stew), Anticuchos (grilled meat skewers), Alpaca and of course Pollo a la Brasa (Peruvian style roast chicken).


An evening in Lima and / or Cusco with a professional chef

Spend an evening in Lima, Peru’s political and culinary capital, and learn how to prepare a typical Peruvian meal by watching how it’s done by a professional local chef. According to your own personal tastes, choose from one of Peru’s two most emblematic dishes: the stir-fried beef tenderloin and vegetables dish known to Peruvians as “lomo saltado”; or the famous marinated fish or seafood dish known throughout the world as “ceviche”. The same experience is available in Cusco, only this time using typical products from the Andes region of Cusco.

Q1: I have food allergies, is it still possible for me to participate?

A1: Yes, it is possible to cater to allergies if informed on beforehand. Just let us know,  if you have any diet restrictions / food allergies, in the comments when booking a tour.

Q2: What about payment, do I need to make a deposit?

A2: After we have confirmed your booking you will need to pay a deposit, the size dependings on the number of participants.

Q3: How much time in advance do I need to book this activity?

A3: This activity can be booked until approximately 1 week in advance.

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