Peruvian handcrafts

Peruvian artisanry ranks possibly amongst the most varied arts and crafts found on Earth. Proof of this stems from the growing network of exporters who each year exhibit the creativity of Peruvian artists on markets in Europe, Asia and North America.


Peruvian handcrafts

The diversity, color, creativity and multiple uses of Peruvian craftwork make it a fundamental activity not just to forge Peru’s identity, but also ensure the survival of thousands of families, and even entire communities such as Sarhua and Quinua in Ayacucho. These small works of folk art have sparked the admiration of all. This folk art is the legacy of centuries of history imbued with pre-Hispanic forms and symbols that blended with or survived alongside other art forms brought over by the Spaniards.

Join us in a Peruvian arts and crafts workshop during your travels, various options are available upon request.

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