Students volunteer in an andean community

Students volunteer in an andean community

On the 24th of March, early in the morning students from the US high school, guided by their professor Kenneth Sinapius and accompanied by staff from Andean Adventures Peru, left to the community of Qhelqanqa. Qhelqanqa is a remote community, located 2.5 hours by car from the fortress town of Ollantaytambo. The day started with a short introduction in the local school where one of the community leaders welcomed us.

Andean Adventures has had a long-lasting relationship with the community for over 20 years helping to improve the standard of living there. This weekend this group of students painted the new lunchroom constructed for the children of the local school. The lunchroom was recently constructed by the community with the help of Andean Adventures Peru who sponsored part of the materials.

They were also taught about the community and invited to have a meal with them, prepared by the villagers, along with music and a traditional dance performance in which they were invited to participate. After a long and productive day we said goodbye to the people from the community by taking a group photo in front of the freshly painted school before going back to their hotel.

In the future it’s the hope of the community and Andean Adventures Peru to continue our collaboration and offer cultural tourism with the help of families living in Qhelqanqa. One of the aims being to let our clients experience the unique local culture and everyday life of the people living there.