Andean Adventures Peru is committed to upholding the principles of responsible travel in its relationships with local culture and the natural world. We do all we can to ensure a positive impact from our activities, and to reduce as much as possible any negative impact tourism may have on local culture or the environment.

The Rights of Porters:

The porters employed by our company are Quechua-speaking indigenous Peruvians from local villages. Andean Adventures Peru adheres strictly to the Porters’ Law introduced by the Peruvian government to protect the rights of indigenous porters. Andean Adventures Peru is committed to the well-being of its porters during treks, ensuring that they are properly paid, well fed and comfortable at our campsites.

The Porters’ Law establishes the minimum daily wage payable by trekking companies. It also sets a limit on the maximum weight that a porter can carry on the Inca Trail. This limit includes a personal allowance for items such as blankets and clothing. Each porter is weighed at the start of the trail and then again at Wayllabamba at the start of the second day. Unfortunately, not all companies respect these basic porters’ rights, and find ways to circumvent the regulations. Andean Adventures Peru condemns such attitudes and practices.

Andean Adventures Peru Company Commitment:

Andean Adventures Peru is a Cusco-owned company, and as such it maintains a close relationship with local people, Peruvian culture and the natural world. As a company, we are fully committed to conserving everything that makes Peru such a unique travel destination, benefiting the local community while fully committed to sustainable tourism.

Andean Adventures Peru is listed among those tour operators and other businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean recommended by reputable organizations for travelers interested in visiting destinations that are not only beautiful and fascinating, but which work to ensure that local communities benefit from tourism and that tour operators and hotel owners continue to protect the flora and fauna of the areas where they offer their services.