The Andean Adventures Peru team is composed of people who love what they do. Over the years our staff has worked to ensure that travelers from all over the world enjoy their time in Peru.

Our highly-trained and experienced professionals are fully committed to the company’s goal: to exceed the expectations of those who travel with us. 

Raúl Medina

General Manager

Raúl established Andean Adventures Peru in 1985. He holds a tourism industry business degree and is committed to maintaining the exceptional quality of the services we provide. He is an expert in the designing and developing of tours that focus on Peru’s historical and cultural legacy, expeditions to remote Inca sites, and special interest itineraries including adventure, ecotourism, living culture, mountaineering and bird watching programs, as well as wilderness experiences and environmental education. Raúl has served as Dean of the Tourism Graduates Association (COLITUR), Director of Cusco’s Chamber of Tourism, Director of the Association of Cusco Travel Agencies (AATC), and Director of the Peruvian Association of Adventure Tour Operators (APTAE). He began his career in the travel industry as a tour leader and mountain guide, and is a founding member of the Cusco Mountaineering Club and the Paucartambo Saqra Folkloric and Cultural Association.

Evelyn Muñiz

Reservations Manager & Travel Consultant

A licensed tourist guide, Evelyn has worked with Andean Adventures Peru since 2009. In addition to handling our travelers’ reservations, she coordinates with the company’s operations department. Her experience is wide-ranging. Before joining the company she worked as a travel agent for nine years, specializing in reservations, organizing individual itineraries and providing detailed tourist information. Her philosophy is simple: act responsibly and you will be guaranteed excellent results. Her priority is the satisfaction of our travelers, and she believes it is important to provide them with an opportunity to interact with local culture. Our office team enjoys Evelyn’s good sense of humor.

Patricia Vargas

Reservations Manager & Travel Consultant

Patricia, everybody calls her Paty, she graduated from the professional career of tourism and has been working in this area for 6 years already. She thinks that the mission of the people who work in a travel agency has to show to the clients, how amazing the trips can be, showing all the details and making it an unforgettable experience.

Enrique Medina

Marketing and Sales Manager

Graduated and licensed in tourism and hotel management at the San Ignacio de Loyola University in Lima. Ever since he was little he saw how the tourism activity and in Andean Adventures was growing. He recently incorporated the agency and is in charge of branding and developing digital strategies which help our clients to get closer to their destiny. He strongly believes that a sustainable tourism is the key to maintain and preserve the cultural legacy and the history of Peru, he is also interested in minimizing the trace of carbon in tourism activities. On his free time, he likes to travel and explore new routes, experiences and people, plays soccer with his friends and loves to spend time with his family.

Geuliana Ascencio

Sales Team and Travel Consultant

Geuliana is from Lima but has been living in Cusco for the past 7 years. She has worked in many companies related with tourism and customer service like hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and more. She enjoys interacting and conversing with different people, to help them with anything they need. She likes to dance a lot, watch movies, and my favorite of all is to travel and learn all the different costumes, that is a real pleasure for her.

Fredy Padovani Vasquez

Operations Manager

Fredy was born in Cusco and has worked with Andean Adventures Peru as operations manager since 2009. With almost four decades of experience in the travel industry, Fredy has brought his wealth of experience to bear on our operations. In his long career, he has worked with a number of Peru’s finest travel companies, organizing programs and dealing with all aspects of company operations. Popular with colleagues and travelers alike, what he most enjoys about his work in the travel industry is the day-to-day interaction with others who are passionate about travel. Those lucky enough to spend time with Fredy during their visit to Peru will certainly enjoy his lively sense of humor and attentiveness. As a devoted husband and father, he spends his free time with his family.

Abelardo Velasco Olivera

Equipment and Logistics Manager

Abelardo is responsible for the care, maintenance and preparation of camping equipment and the supervision of provisions purchases for treks. Known to his colleagues as Abel, he has worked with Andean Adventures Peru since 1995. He acts as the liaison between our operations department and cooks and porters, selecting the teams for every trek. In addition, his skill and experience as carpenter, plumber and electrician make him an indispensable member of our staff. His greatest satisfaction is derived from seeing how those who travel with us benefit from his work. An extremely devoted father, when not working he enjoys spending time with his daughters.

Fredy Lenes

Accounting Manager

Graduated as a public account, ever since the university he had the luck to work in the tourism area. He is the accountant of Andean Adventures Peru, his duty comes with a lot of responsibility in which he has to guard all the assets of the company, he is careful and responsible with my job. He likes to make jokes with his work colleagues, practice soccer and enjoy his time being outdoors to enjoy nature.

Luz Prieto

Accounting Assistant

She is a technical professional accounting, She has experience as an accounting and administrative assistant on the tourist activity. She works with Andean Adventures Peru since 2015, She comes from Velille-Chumbivilcas. On her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities.

Uriel Quispe Aragon

Accounting Assistant

Uriel is an Accounting Assistant with excellent communication and analytical skills, and his contribution to the accounting requirements of our company makes him an indispensable member of the Andean Adventures Peru team. Before joining the company, he worked as an administrative assistant in the public sector. It is clear to even the most casual observer that Uriel enjoys his work, and he is a popular member of our office staff. Beyond the office, one of Uriel’s passions is soccer, and he is an enthusiastic weekend player.

Jesus Amelio Palomino Ccoa


Jesús was born in Sicuani, a district on the high plains to the southeast of Cusco. He is a highly experienced driver and has worked for Andean Adventures Peru since 2013. Before joining us, he had already accrued 17 years’ experience working as a driver for a number of travel companies. Jesús has driven countless routes throughout the vast territory of Peru. Before every trip, Jesús ensures that his vehicle is in good working order and that the interior is impeccably clean. What he likes most about his work in the travel industry is the contact he enjoys with travelers from all over the world. He believes that honesty and a responsible attitude are the most important virtues in the working life of any individual. When he is not working, he plays guitar and makes beautiful handcrafts.

Walter Valverde


He is one of our handy drivers, he works in AAP since 2015. Born in Curahuasi-Apurimac , has 15 years of experience working in tourism , he knows all the traditional and adventure routes .walter is a kind person ,very cooperative and attentive , likes to interact with the travellers, learn from them and there experiences , he is very punctual and professional on every trip . on his free time he likes to cook and do some sports, especially soccer on the weekends.

Nazario Aguado


Nazario speaks Spanish and Quechua. He has worked in tourism for more than three decades, and is familiar with all the major hiking and trekking routes in the Cusco region. Nazario began as an Inca Trail porter, before becoming a kitchen assistant. He is now a highly experienced trekking route cook, and his dishes are regularly praised by our guests from all over the world. Nazario is married with three children and one of his daughters is studying to be a tour guide. In his free time, Nazario works his land in the Piri district, near Ollantaytambo, where he grows corn and potatoes and keeps a few head of cattle.

Antonio Chahuayllo


Antonio was born in Accha, Paruro, on the high plains southeast of Cusco. He has more than 20 years’ experience as a cook on trekking and hiking routes throughout the Cusco region. He is married and is the father of three children. One of his sons has already studied to become a tour guide, while his second son has followed in his father’s footsteps to become an excellent trekking and hiking cook.

Valeria Vasquez


Valeria was born in Cusco and speaks Spanish and Quechua. She began working as a cook for treks and expeditions in 1995. She is married and has two daughters, one of whom is studying to become a tour guide. She knows many of the principal trekking routes in the Cusco region. In her free time, Valeria likes to spend time with her family.

The good service that contributes to your unforgettable experience in Peru is also dependent upon the hard work of our porters, cooks and auxiliary trekking staff, who do an exceptional job in order to ensure that you have a great time!

At Andean Adventures Peru, every member of our team is fully committed to making sure you have a memorable experience when you visit our country.